YMCA Tumbling 

Tumbling june 2020

Levels & Descriptions

Parent/Child: This is a class designed to teach tumbling with the help of an adult partner. One adult for every two children is required to help instructor encourage the participants to be engaged in the basic movements of tumbling. They will use games and music to keep the activities fun and flexible!

Beginner: This class is for all tumblers who have little or no experience with tumbling at all. They will learn the basic fundamentals of tumbling as well as some skills. Stretching, forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back-bend, back-walkover, and front walkover. The 6:30pm class will be for the tumblers who can use these skills to form passes.

Novice: This class will be for the tumblers who can do a back-bend, back-walkover, front-walkover, and cartwheels. They will learn back flips. This class will be putting together all these skills to form passes.

Intermediate: This class will be for the tumblers who can do round-offs and back flips. They will learn back tucks. They will form passes with these skills.

Advanced: This class is for the tumblers who can already do back flips and back tucks. These tumblers will learn front flips, branies, and fulls. This is the most advanced class. They will put their skills together to form a pass. 

Instructor Bio's

Mandie Beckman

Mandie Beckman has many years of tumbling experience, as she participated from age 3-18. When she was 11, she began Trampoline and Double Mini.  Mandie's experience includes tumbling for the Galesburg Gymnastic Club, Elite Power Tumbling and Gymnastics, and Lynn’s Tumbling under USTA and AAU regulations. She was the State Champion for several years in different levels of tumbling.  In 2013 she competed in the National Tumbling Meet in South Dakota where she placed 1st in the Intermediate level, 10th in Double Mini, and 11th in Trampoline. Mandie just celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary in July and is expected her first child in January!

McCall Perry

McCall was born with a love for tumbling as well as cheerleading.  She participated in tumbling from the ages of 8-18 competing six of these years for Jumpin J’s tumbling in Galesburg. She was also a two-time State Champion and placed 5th at Nationals in Louisville, KY. She cheered for many years from ages 6-18 for various groups, sports, and events. McCall is married with six children, five of which share her love for tumbling, practicing with McCall in their free time.  


Program fee is a continuous monthly draft on the 1st of the month from a checking/savings account. Fees are $25/month for those with a household membership, or $55/month for a non-member. 

A second and third child discount of $10/child will be given.


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