Before & After School Program

School Year

2019-2020 Before & After School/ School Out Day Handbook- Download 

The primary goal of the Knox County YMCA Before & After School Program is to provide a safe and happy place for your child to be while you are at work or attending school. Our childcare program concentrates on promoting the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. We hope this handbook helps you understand all of the fun things that your child will have the opportunity to participate in this year while being involved in our program. 

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*If you qualify for state assistance, you must register in person at the Member Service Desk

Program Goals 

  • To support and strengthen the family unit
  • To help children develop to their full potential
  • To deliver the program in a positive YMCA environment of safety, support, and care
  • To promote the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility

In all YMCA programs we seek to help individuals and families to do the following: 

  • Grow personally
  • Improve personal and family relationships
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Become better leaders and supporters
  • Develop specific individual skills

Program Sites

District #202 Knoxville

  • Mable Woolsey 

District #205 Galesburg

  • Steele 
  • Silas 
  • Nielson 
  • King 
  • Gale 

A typical day with the Before & After School Program includes the activities from these various program areas: 

  • Play/free time 
  • Homework/quiet games 
  • Creative/craft time 
  • Snacks
  • Special events (American Red Cross Safety programs, Knox College Volunteers) 


We have a very caring and dedicated staff at all of our Before and After School sites. The site directors and aides receive training in YMCA Childcare, CPR and First Aid. Staff may not be alone with children they meet in YMCA programs outside the YMCA program. This includes babysitting, sleepovers, driving or riding in cars, and inviting children to their homes. Any exceptions require a written explanation before the fact and are subject to prior administrator approval.

Please contact our Member Service Desk at 309-344-1324 or Erin Brown-Powell, Youth Development & Aquatic Director, with any questions regarding the Before & After School Program. 

Ymca Stories Child Art Tour

Our Success Stories

The preschool classroom at the Early Learning Center is participating once again in the Adopt-A-Cow Program, in which they remotely adopt and follow the growth of a single cow. This year’s cow is named Sara and she lives on the Knebel Dairy Farm in Wisconsin. The Adopt-A-Cow Program is an opportunity for the children to learn more about animals, to follow the growth stages of their selected animal, and to grow along with her. Our children entered a video contest to win a trip to a farm, and are currently waiting to hear back about it. Through adopting Sara the cow, they can learn about ear tags, milk production, growth stages, and much more! They are also able to monitor the cow’s growth, receive updates, and learn about farms, animals and nutrition.