Tumbling & Dance

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YMCA Tumbling

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Levels & Descriptions

Parent/Child: This is a class designed to teach tumbling with the help of an adult partner. One adult for every two children is required to help instructor encourage the participants to be engaged in the basic movements of tumbling. They will use games and music to keep the activities fun and flexible!

Beginner: This class is for all tumblers who have little or no experience with tumbling at all. They will learn the basic fundamentals of tumbling as well as some skills. Stretching, forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back-bend, back-walkover, and front walkover. The 6:30pm class will be for the tumblers who can use these skills to form passes.

Novice: This class will be for the tumblers who can do a back-bend, back-walkover, front-walkover, and cartwheels. They will learn back flips. This class will be putting together all these skills to form passes.

Intermediate: This class will be for the tumblers who can do round-offs and back flips. They will learn back tucks. They will form passes with these skills.

Advanced: This class is for the tumblers who can already do back flips and back tucks. These tumblers will learn front flips, branies, and fulls. This is the most advanced class. They will put their skills together to form a pass. 

YMCA Rhythm Dance Academy

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We are currently offering two Dance Classes on Tuesday evenings and these are based on experience.

"Beginner Kids" 5:00pm - 5:45pm

"Novice Kids" 5:45pm - 6:45pm

Meet Carol Garside, our Rhythm Academy Instructor! Carol has 13 years of dance training at the renowned Lois Rae Watts School of Dance. During this time, she also served as a student instructor for the younger classes. She is a graduate of Parsons College with an elementary education degree. Carol is also a certified Zumba Instructor here at our YMCA.

Rhythm Academy promotes a well-rounded dance experience with a primary focus on tap, ballet and jazz. Children will reap the benefits of dance instruction throughout life with increased coordination and grace of movement.

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Some of our Little Dancers showing off their tutu's made by Dance Instructor Carol Garside!

Krazy kats dance classFunky feet dance class

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Our Success Stories

After six months of personal training sessions, one of our clients tripped and fell at church, causing her to need a knee replacement! After getting up from that fall, she told everyone that if that would have happened one year ago, she probably would have been really bad off, but since she had been working with a trainer she was stronger and able to recover from that fall with no problems! Personal training works!