Solutions Program

Solutions is a year-round, intrusive enrichment program designed for at-risk teens in our community.

The Knox County YMCA Solutions Program is currently serving approximately 200 students in Galesburg at Churchill Junior High School, Lombard Middle School and Galesburg High School.

The Solutions Program is designed to help improve student performance in four key areas: grades (specifically GPA), office referrals and punctuality (tardiness and absences). Using a three-tiered approach to mentorship, Solutions meets students where they live, go to school and play: visiting them at home, maintaining a presence at their school, and attending their extracurricular activities and events.

Working with families, faculty and educators, our team will provide students with essential life tools that will propel them to embrace excellence on a continual basis. Positive, material relationships and support, as we all know, play a significant role in student success. However, Solutions aims to do more toward actualizing said goals. It is also our aim to help students create and strengthen solid values like caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. These core YMCA values serve as the cornerstone of the Solutions Program.

Please, join with us to help our students embrace “The Solution”!



During the course of the school day, we visit students during lunch, counsel, assist faculty, conduct teacher-requested class sit-ins or presentations, and perform other duties as deemed necessary to Solutions Program attendees’ success, all provided within the scope and spirit of the school’s mission.


The after-school portion of the program begins at the end of the school day and lasts until 4:00p.m. and includes lessons in life skills, service learning and leadership. This portion of the program runs in conjunction with the Success tutoring program. Busses are available to bring students home after this program.


The Solutions Program is built on the belief that building relationships with the students and family is a key component of creating change. Our team visits homes and makes themselves available for participants at all hours of the day. Students are also invited to the Knox County Family YMCA for parties throughout the year.

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For more information regarding this program, please contact our Solutions Director, Joey Range, Senior Solutions Director at 309-344-1324 or vial email

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