We are anticipating some of our region's COVID mitigation efforts being lifted Friday, January 15th, so....

Group fitness classes are now allowed to be held in-person starting Friday! We are happy we were able to provide temporary virtual fitness, but are excited to see everyone in person! See schedule! (Side note-Friday's BodyPump Express with Tiffany will resume Friday, the 22nd)

Group aquatic fitness classes will be resuming on Monday!

Also on Monday, lane swimming will go back to a regular schedule and reservations will no longer be required.  Open swim is still temporarily suspended.

Youth sports and programming will be permitted with COVID protocols. Be on the lookout for start dates for your favorite programs!

 Reservations will still be required for a basketball court/hoop. Visit to sign up!

We thank everyone for staying with us during these trying times, and are happy to make these positive changes beginning Friday!

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Our Success Stories

The preschool classroom at the Early Learning Center is participating once again in the Adopt-A-Cow Program, in which they remotely adopt and follow the growth of a single cow. This year’s cow is named Sara and she lives on the Knebel Dairy Farm in Wisconsin. The Adopt-A-Cow Program is an opportunity for the children to learn more about animals, to follow the growth stages of their selected animal, and to grow along with her. Our children entered a video contest to win a trip to a farm, and are currently waiting to hear back about it. Through adopting Sara the cow, they can learn about ear tags, milk production, growth stages, and much more! They are also able to monitor the cow’s growth, receive updates, and learn about farms, animals and nutrition.