Meet Our Board

Knox County YMCA Board of Directors (2018)

CVO: Dr. Subbia Jagannathan
Vice President: Lance Oetting
Secretary: Julie King
Treasurer: Ken Riley
Past CVO: Chad Long

  • Bart Arthur
  • Lance Aten
  • Carrie Bernett
  • Debbie Cratty
  • Bob Green
  • John Herman
  • Eileen Inness
  • Bob Juraco
  • Megan Kidwell
  • Jeannette Kleine
  • Paul Mangieri
  • Steve Norton
  • Dan Williams
  • Ron Wilson

    Ymca Stories Fitness 65

    Our Success Stories

    After six months of personal training sessions, one of our clients tripped and fell at church, causing her to need a knee replacement! After getting up from that fall, she told everyone that if that would have happened one year ago, she probably would have been really bad off, but since she had been working with a trainer she was stronger and able to recover from that fall with no problems! Personal training works!