Meet Our Board

Knox County YMCA Board of Directors (2019)

CVO: Dr. Subbia Jagannathan
Vice President: Lance Oetting
Secretary: Julie King
Treasurer: Ken Riley
Past CVO: Chad Long

  • Lance Aten
  • Carrie Bernett
  • Ronald Clevenger
  • John Herman
  • Rhonda Houzenga
  • Eileen Inness
  • Bob Juraco
  • Paul Mangieri
  • Cory Misiewicz
  • Carrie Walters
  • Ron Wilson

    Ymca Stories Children Classroom

    Our Success Stories

    We continue to build our relationship with Knox College through hosting student volunteers in our After School Programs. There are over 30 Knox student volunteers who help our programs thrive and help us meet our overall goal of providing a wonderful before and after school experience for our participants. This partnership is mutually beneficial for the Knox County YMCA and for Knox College; our Before and After School Program participants gain role models in the form of college students they can look up to, while Knox students gain an impactful experience working with children, and get to do meaningful service in their community. Volunteers help the kids with homework, play alongside them during free time, and assist the YMCA instructors by creating new, fun programming ideas.